Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost time...

Well its getting colder everytime I just look outside needless to say I'm convinced its just getting me ready for my trip to the Bend!!!! Though there is no snow is usually sunny Florida we have had about 3 nights of freeze within the past week.

I had a pretty busy past week and weekend if I do say so myself (I've been keeping myself very busy even if it means not leaving the house!) Worked at Disney a few days, taught a CPR class, went to visit the grandparents for my great-aunt's surprise birthday party, and of course was a frequent visitor to the gym! I'm convinced that the only way I know what day of the week it is is because of my gym schedule, sad but true.

This year instead of checking my luggage that I will be needing for 2 weeks I am going to be sending it FedEx the only thing I'm worried about is it getting there much later than me due to Christmas and the crazy weather conditions in the Midwest. The main reason for this is that I'm flying the one airline that charges for EVERYTHING, I'm pretty sure they will give you a bill when you get off the plane for having used the restroom, its that's bad/crazy. BUT they fly into the airport that is a mere 10 minutes from my destination (much better than a 2 hr car ride from Chicago or Indy) so I figured I could do without some items for a couple of extra days!

I'm still trying to fill my swim lesson schedule for while I'm home also please e-mail me at if you are interested and to sign up for a time slot! Honestly I am free almost anytime during the day and evening; I will for sure be there (Varsity Club at Edison & Main St) from 5-6:30pm Tuesday, Dec. 21-Monday, Jan. 3 starting on Wednesday, Dec. 22 I can be there in the late morning if that works better depending on nap times!

Once I return from the Bend I will be doing a relay run from Miami to Key West (I mean thought since I hadn't been to Key West yet this would be an ideal way to see it all;) and then starting lessons at Southwest Aquatics in Winter Garden, so let your friends in the Windermere, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Apopka area know where to bring their little ones for swim lessons.

Oh and the cookie plate fairy has been making deliveries since Saturday and have been a huge hit so far, I'm glad I could do that for so many people as I did have fun doing it and it really didn't take too long...I never want to do a dish again but that's besides the point:) Until next year!!!

Happy belated birthday to my friends Georgianne and Jessica!!! I owe you both!!!!

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